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 Dramatic! Bifour after, Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood
I process NC after the wood dyeing 
 Is it a black persimmon? Is it ebony? Is it a zebrawood? . . The answer is a cedar!
 Epoch-making! The panel that dyestuff spread among the wood inside
 Let's enjoy a color in the Wood veneer which we dyed!
 Interior, de-. Austere refinement, rust declaration!
Northern Kyushu only MLIT authorization, a Fire retardant treated wood maker!
 The NAKAMURA TSUKIITA INC. is a well-established maker of the Wood veneer smoothly planed board!
A Japanese cedar, hinoki to the world! I do the export!
The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
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Dyed veneer

Dyed veneer - IRODORI VENEER-

 Our Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood IRODROTAI series, Dyed veneer are the totally new Dyed veneer that process of manufacture was reversed.
 I dye it in the state of the plate called Frietchie to the wood inside and I slice it afterwards and process it into a projecting board.
(the Dyed veneer of the normally dyes it in a state of the Wood veneer after having sliced it.)
 It is the greatest characteristic that by taking such a process, can get the Dyed veneer with the unique contrast and design like kintaro candy from the characteristic that dyestuff does not penetrate to eyes (annual ring part) in winter in succession.
 In addition, there cannot be the thing that a color comes off even if I bend Wood veneer.
 The wood species is correspondence only for cedars. (developing the hinoki now.)
 Let alone the kneading on fire charge account to a plywood, woodwork art, DIY are available widely.
(*kyodeganchu*gan 2020-146606)

Dyed veneer - IRODORI VENEER- color sample

Emerald sky blue
Rainbow (collection)
  • Please consult about the customer wanting the color except the color mentioned above.
  • The above sample color may be different from a real color by the lighting of a monitor and color setting, the room of the PC which a customer uses.
  • For improvement in quality, please note that you may change dyestuff without a notice.
  • The above sample color dyed a cedar. In addition, please just think in reference degree. This is because I am dyed in a production center or the lasting fat of the tree, and a difference appears in the.

Elegant processing of the Dyed veneer

Dyed veneer sum papering
 I prevent breaking and a tear by sticking a nonwoven fabric (thickness around 0.2mm) on the back of the Dyed veneer, and curved surface processing is enabled.
 The basic size of the nonwoven fabric becomes the 3 X 6 size (910*1820mm) as well as commercial plywood. I glue Dyed veneer together as base material and hot-press it.
 I do it in a horizontal stripe (stripe) pattern by putting the Dyed veneer of the different color and it depends on a condition, but can do it to checks handle.
 As size you like can cut it, please feel free to contact us. In addition, the one you like is available for bonding it by the vacuum press of our cooperation company until curved surface processing.

Use example


Clots sunglass
I have the frame of sunglasses use our dyeing hinoki Wood veneer.

Dyed fancy plywood

I stick Dyed veneer on base material such as lauan commercial plywood, MDF and am available to a wall and partitioning, furniture for the interior.

An inquiry, the visiting and seeing you calculating, order from here

※Please note that the sample becomes charged.


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