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 Dramatic! Bifour after, Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood
I process NC after the wood dyeing 
 Is it a black persimmon? Is it ebony? Is it a zebrawood? . . The answer is a cedar!
 Epoch-making! The panel that dyestuff spread among the wood inside
 Let's enjoy a color in the Wood veneer which we dyed!
 Interior, de-. Austere refinement, rust declaration!
Northern Kyushu only MLIT authorization, a Fire retardant treated wood maker!
 Fancy Plywood/MDF
 The NAKAMURA TSUKIITA INC. is a well-established maker of the Wood veneer smoothly planed board!
A Japanese cedar, hinoki to the world! I do the export!

Dyeing flooring, panel


 It is the construction materials series that finished Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood with a Mulder processing machine.
The unique design utilized the characteristic of the dyeing Sugiki materials whom dyestuff does not adhere to to eyes in winter of the wood is the greatest characteristic of this series with uneven coloring occurring for dyeing penetration by all means. In addition, I can direct interior space of the only one because the way of coming out of colors is different one by one.
 There is demerit to be easy to be damaged as a characteristic of the cedar softly, but of course, as the strong fixings which the wound is hard to enter as flooring by the surface reinforcement ceramic painting, can use it as panel (wainscot) and ceiling materials. There is not the discoloration even if I do the water wet by the painting.
 I have a high evaluation these days when the black Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood reminds of them from the situation that rare materials such as cedar of the black persimmon and black feeling are hard to be available.

Elegant processing of the Dyed veneer

It is fixings of the only one varying in an expression one by one.

Dyeing cedar flooring
 Unlike the materials which colored the surface it by postprocessing with the general color system paint, I let you immerse dyestuff same as dyestuff to dye clothing to the wood inside. A feel of texture thereby remains without a sticky impression without grain being destroyed.
The end match
State of no painting, the end match processing
With a Mulder processing machine of this Mika mechanic
Eyes and the contrast of the spring eye are unbearable this winter!
I delete 70% of urethane coating luster
This Mika mechanic dyeing black cedar sidepiece
Just after the painting
If the places of origin are different with the cedar of the same dyeing black, the finish is different, too.
IRODORITAI X NC processing
It is totally a zebra? A cedar changes to here!
It is totally a zebra? A cedar changes to here!
Standard specifications
Size (length X width X thickness)
Flooring (this Mika mechanic with the end match, surface reinforcement ceramic painting)
Panel (these Mika mechanic or book true eyes watermarks, urethane coating)
The size mentioned above is just a standard specification. When there is size you like, please refer.
When the end match processing is necessary, please refer.
  • Please consult about the customer wanting the color except the color mentioned above.
  • The above sample color may be different from a real color by the lighting of a monitor and color setting, the room of the PC which a customer uses.
  • For quality improvement, please note that you may change dyestuff without a notice.
  • Please just think about the above sample color in reference degree. I am dyed in a production center or the lasting fat of the tree, and a difference may appear in the.

Construction example

An inquiry, the visiting and seeing you calculating, order from here

※Please note that the sample becomes charged.


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