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 It is IRODORITAI in Dyed veneer!
I want to color WELCOME TO IRODORITAI tree more.
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood NC processing
Dyeing Birch veneer laminating plywood
The Dyed veneer which sliced a dyeing plate! Patent pending
Dyeing cedar panel WAVE processing 
 High added value by the domestic lumber dyeing
 Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood turns existing interior.
The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
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kentama -KENJU

WPC product
Product price 3,000 yen (tax-excluded)
The postage: Separately
A means of payment: Postal transfer (as you enclose transfer paper to a product, please pay within one week. ※The fee bears us)
Size: Very much: Approximately 35mm in diameter 
Case dimensions: 89*48*85mm (product made in paulownia)
Weight: Very much: Approximately 15 g
Materials: Kusuki (tree)
Because acrylic acid resin WPC processing is given, it is hard to be hurt firmly and becomes strong in water and oil, too.
There is the small size toward the small one, woman of the hand, too. (but it becomes the same price case)
  Size: The small: Approximately 30mm in diameter / weight: The small: Approximately 11 g
Antibacterial power examination

I analyze it from Japan Food Research Laboratories and examine it, and the antibacterial power of kentama is recognized.
<impression of a dementia care person>
I adopted exercise by the ball of the tree at the time of exercises in the morning.
As for the woman, a small ball is used, but I use one that it is difficult to use it, and the ball that a man is big is done two.
I did the hand which there were inconvenient one and transformation and was hard to do well. For rehabilitation, I want to use it in future.
As for the Japanese, God dwelled in a heap of nature or the sea, a tree or a stone from ancient times and believed nyu rito and came as an object of faith. A big tree was often seen as Shinto shrine forest, and it was thought as protecting against insects (charm) essentially, and I was treated as a sacred tree, and, in Kusu, "a tree of medicine" (camphor) has been aimed at for the faith of people having a specific sweet smell in that by an insecticide effect.

In addition, the exercise of finger-tip method using the walnut was adopted from old days and knew that I helped the prevention such as prevention of aging and high blood pressure, the stroke if I moved a finger, but a walnut has been used as rehabilitation paralyzed for a stroke of the hand.

On the other hand, a pot affecting the internal organs concentrates on hands and feet in the Chinese Oriental medicine, and it is thought that exercise and the stimulation of a hand and the finger are healthy and help it and is practiced by various methods. "kentama" prayed for the healthy old age by spiritual power and the fusion with the modern chemistry to have of the tree and was born.

This "kentama" regards moderate weight as suitable size and is handcrafted by the hand of one craftsman each. The exercise to a hand and a finger gives brain stimulation by rolling it in a hand round and round and helps the dementia prevention and a health increase.
1) ... home where can feel free to contact anywhere anytime, work are on travel
2) Promote the blood circulation by stimulating the key point of a finger and the sole
3) Can enjoy * palm and the fragrance to have of the camphor tree
4) Raise moderate hardness and antifungal properties of impregnation reinforcement wood
I turn by right and left one with clockwise circling to the left and can turn it early when getting used. If a sound has good rhythm and turns around with Kachi (sho) Kachi (sho), I am gradually familiar with a hand. In addition, the massage to the pot of a palm and the sole makes the blood circulation better, too
※Including the small child please be careful not to be swallowed.

How to use of mokushitsukemmikyu "kentama"

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