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 It is IRODORITAI in Dyed veneer!
I want to color WELCOME TO IRODORITAI tree more.
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood NC processing
Dyeing Birch veneer laminating plywood
The Dyed veneer which sliced a dyeing plate! Patent pending
Dyeing cedar panel WAVE processing 
 High added value by the domestic lumber dyeing
 Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood turns existing interior.
The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
You can see the English site here.

Wood Veneer

Sapelli veneer is able to be seen in thie video.
Veneer is a very thin wood which is sliced thinly from 0.25 mm to 0.60 mm in thickness.
As we are based in Japan, we can supply Japanese wood species such as Hinoki, Japanese cedar (SUGI) and so on.  When concerned with Hinoki, logs grown in the Kiso area tends to be of the highest grade and is quite popular for the use of making table tennis paddles. A result of limited resources, it is getting more difficult to get a good quantity of Kiso Hinoki. Despite this, we have been able to keep up with the demands thus far.

Wood species

Agathis (straight)
Anigre (straight)
Afromosia (straight)
American cherry (straight)
American cherry (flat)
Alder (flat)
Yellow pine (straight)
Yellow pine (flat)
Wenge (straight)
Wenge (flat)
Walnut (straight)
Walnut (flat)
Birch (straight)
Birch (flat)
Curly maple (flat)
Padauk (straight)
Padauk (flat)
Paulownia (straight)
Paulownia (flat)
Camphor (straight)
Chinese spruce (straight)
Zelkowa (straight)
Zelkowa (flat)
Ebony (straight)
Sapele (straight)
Shina (straight)
Shina (birdseye)
Spruce (straight)
Japanese cedar (straight)
Japanese cedar (flat)
Sen (straight)
Sen (flat)
Ash (straight)
Ash (flat)
Teak (straight)
Teak (flat)
Japanese Oak (straight)
Japanese Oak (flat)
Zebra (straight)
Nyatoh (straight)
Japanese elm (straight)
Japanese elm (flat)
Bubinga (straight)
Birdseye maple
Hard maple (straight)
Hard maple (flat)
Kiso Hinoki (straight)
Hinoki cypress (straight)
Hinoki cypress (flat)
Red cedar (straight)
Yellow cedar (straight)
Douglas fir (straight)
Douglas fir (flat)
White ash (straight)
White ash (flat)
White oak (straight)
White oak (flat)
White sycamore (straight)
White birch (straight)
White birch (flat)
White beech (straight)
White beech (flat)
Makore (straight)
Mahogany (straight)
Melapi (straight)
Moabi (straight)
Fir (straight)
Fir (flat)
Larch (straight)
Paldao (straight)
Red oak (straight)
Red oak (flat)
Rosewood (straight)
Rosewood (flat)
Eucalyptus (straight)
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