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 It is IRODORITAI in Dyed veneer!
I want to color WELCOME TO IRODORITAI tree more.
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood NC processing
Dyeing Birch veneer laminating plywood
The Dyed veneer which sliced a dyeing plate! Patent pending
Dyeing cedar panel WAVE processing 
 High added value by the domestic lumber dyeing
 Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood turns existing interior.
The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
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Company profile


Business name
Nakamura sliced veneer
Representative director Takahiro Nakamura
The location

〒831-0008 677, Kanegae, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka [map]

Phone number 0944-87-7060
FAX number 0944-87-8360
Founding April, 1994
Incorporation August 1, 1997
Capital 3 million yen

Representative director Takahiro Nakamura
Board member Mikiko Nakamura
Board member Shogo Nakamura
Auditor Michiaki Nakamura
Major bank

The Chikuho Bank Okawa Branch
Okawa Shinkin Bank
A manufacturer & wholesaler of various plywood and veneer products

1967 - Nakamura Fukunori started making fancy plywood
1972 - The company was relocated to its present site 
1994 - Fixture and Fusuma dept. was renamed, Nakamura CO.LTD
        - Fancy plywood department was renamed Nakamura Tsukiita
1997 - Became a limited company, Nakamura Tsukiita Inc.
2003 - Our manufactured Fancy plywood & MDF passed with the  
           highest 4-star rating
2011 - Health balls & Camphor sticks were launched
2014 - Wood dryer was introduced
2015 - Vacuum pressure impregnation autoclave was introduced
2016 - Noncombustible cedar & dyed wood were launched
Union of legal wood regulations and standards
Received an official document from this union which certifies that this company has followed all protocols which prohibit illegal activities involving the procurement of wood to ensure sustainability.

The authorized certification number is 118.
 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism
Obtained the highest 4-star rating from this organization. This confirms that our products follow the strict standards for health and safety when concerned with chemicals such as formaldehyde for indoor use.

Authorized number MFN -1237 MFN -1263
Speaial thanks
 Okawa makeup plywood industry cooperative
 Okawa Chamber of Commerce
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Nakamura Tsukiita Inc.
677, Kanegae, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
TEL. +81-944-87-7060
FAX. +81-944-87-8360
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