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I want to color WELCOME TO IRODORITAI tree more.
Dyed veneer laminated wood / blank
Dyeing veneer laminating plywood
Dyed veneer laminated wood / blank NC processing
Is it first in the world? The Dyed veneer which sliced a dyeing plate!
 It is IRODORITAI in Dyed veneer!
 Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood turns existing interior.
 High added value by the wood dyeing
Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood NC processing 
The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
You can see the English site here.

Environmental initiatives

Efforts of SGEC

We whole heartedly support the philosophy of the SGEC (Sustainable Green Ecosystem Council) when concerned with the environment. To show our credibility to the cause, we have aquired the official SGEC and CoC certification October 2016 (Certification # JAFTA - W167).
The SGEC is run independently from any company and was established in 2003. It has setup its own standards according to the enviromental needs of Japan. Things such as forest plant growth circulation or protective zones are a few examples of what this organization does to ensure a green future for everyone. 
I began SNS!
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