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 It is IRODORITAI in Dyed veneer!
I want to color WELCOME TO IRODORITAI tree more.
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood NC processing
Dyeing Birch veneer laminating plywood
The Dyed veneer which sliced a dyeing plate! Patent pending
Dyeing cedar panel WAVE processing 
 High added value by the domestic lumber dyeing
 Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood turns existing interior.
The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
You can see the English site here.

Dyed fancy plywood


Though, in Japan, the forest cover of the country is 67% of the second place of the world, for example, ebony, a cheek, a choice wood having unique colors such as African wood and cheap imported lumber, also, under the influence of the longtime price decline of the domestic lumber raw wood of the domestic lumber effectively utilizing it did not advance too much. On the other hand, in late years I receive surges of the interest in global natural environments protection, and the acquisition of the precious wood becomes difficult for the log export regulation of each country preventing excessive felling year by year. Therefore, in the fancy plywood industry, management itself becomes difficult very much without stocking a projecting board of the wood species to hope for of client.
Therefore we pay our attention to a cedar or a hinoki of the domestic lumber which has not been effectively utilized to the maximum to break that until now and I dye them and give you added value and research and develop it every day to utilize it as a replacement of the choice wood which it is hard to obtain.
With the Dyed fancy plywood, I bonded Dyed veneer to base material (MDF, plywood) as the surface dressed lumber. It is characterized by bold coloration unlike the tree fancy plywood of the normally and puts the projecting board of the different color together, and the world can produce only fancy plywood. In addition, spiritual power dwells in a color to be in feng shui. This is one of the few characteristics in conventional tree fancy plywood.
By dyeing wood veneer, depending on the combination of colors and arrangements, it becomes a highly dignified fancy plywood that is highly designable. This is made possible from the many different patterns and unique designs we have available.  This could not be expressed by conventional fancy plywood. This product will revolutionize your interior.
Wood veneer
Base material
Dyeing cedar
Lauan plywood
Orchid bar core
China plywoods
3 X 6, 3 X 7
Black, blue, green, red, light blue, yellow
Dyeing hinoki
3 X 6
Black, red, light blue, yellow
※The thickness of the base material depends on a type, but to 2.5~30mm

Dyed veneer - IRODORI VENEER- color sample

Cedar board eyes black
Cedar board eyes blue
Cedar board eyes green
Cedar board eyes red
Cedar board eyes red ②
Cedar board eyes light blue
Cedar board eyes yellow
Cedar board eyes greenish brown
Cedar board eyes blue ②
Cedar straight-grained board collection
Hinoki cross grain light blue
Hinoki cross grain red
Hinoki cross grain black
Hinoki cross grain yellow
Hinoki straight-grained board collection

Production example (for ※ reference. The same Wood veneer is never born)

Dyeing black cedar 3 X 7 urethane coating chasing *
senshokushunarimasasugi 3 X 6 no painting chasing *

Dyeing black cedar 800*1,400mm mutosokotagai*
Dyeing water hinoki 3 X 6 no painting chasing *
Dyeing red black cedar 800*1,400mm mutosokotagai*
Dyeing green cedar 3 X 6 no painting chasing *
Dyeing blue cedar 3 X 6 chasing *
Dyeing yellow cedar 3 X 6 urethane tosokotagai*

Dyeing red cedar 3 X 6 urethane tosokotagai*

Dyeing water cedar 4 X 8 urethane coating chasing *
Dyeing ash cedar 3 X 7 urethane coating chasing *
※The gray is a prototype.
Dyeing water hinoki 3 X 6 no painting book *
Dyeing red hinoki 3 X 6 urethane coating chasing *
Dyeing yellow hinoki 3 X 6 urethane coating chasing *


  • Please consult about the customer wanting the color except the color mentioned above.
  • The above sample color may be different from a real color by the lighting of a monitor and color setting, the room of the PC which a customer uses.
  • I have the characteristic that the cedar is easy to be over expectation than a hinoki. (a projecting board waves)
  • Because the adherence density of dyestuff is different from the outside of the Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood in the inside, the wood inside becomes thin.
  • Penetration condition of the light and shade, the dyestuff of the color varies according to wood species, dyestuff density, quality of wood of each board.
  • As for the cedar, as for other than the black (light blue in particular), the color of the red meat tends to remain.
  • For improvement in quality, please note that you may change dyestuff without a notice.
  • It is lacking in dyeing, and, by the quality of wood of raw materials, a penetration spot appears. Depending on the number of the square meters, I am not suitable for a wall use.
  • An expression is greatly different in equal quality of wood for a production center and the lasting fat of the tree. Please think about the production example mentioned above in reference degree.

Urethane coating

As there is possibility to discolor when water splatters when it is no painting, I strongly recommend urethane coating.

Process of manufacture

*kako of the Dyed veneer smoothly planed board begins at 1:03.
I work it out carefully one by one, and a craftsman puts it to the base material such as the plywoods which adhesive was applied to not to be able to do Wood veneer, a gap. Afterwards, I control it with hot press and stiffen it.

Use example

By a restaurant reform of hometown, Okawa-shi. I had a sliding door and a sash use it.
It is the example which had you use it as a top plate of the low table that resin and decoration were adopted.
Similarly for the top plates of the resin table.

An inquiry, the visiting and seeing you calculating, order from this

※Please note that the sample becomes charged.


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