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The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
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 Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood
 Dyed fancy plywood
 Dyed fancy plywood
Dyed veneer laminated wood / blank 
 Dyed fancy plywood
 Dyed veneer
 Fancy Plywood/MDF
 Flaming retardant wood
 Veneer smoothly planed board

Liquid Fertilizer

Organic fertilizer, wildfire
Wildfire (growth)
It is a lactic acid bacterium paste liquid
An insect does not point out the paste power
Soil is soft
I use the light liquid with a one-2000th
I use 1 liter for 300 tsubos
The water avoids the tap water. The hills and rivers are good.
I spray it on a tree butt.
5,000+ yen consumption tax of 1 liter

Indication based on the manure control method

Indication based on 1 manure control method

Name of the manure Wildfire 1
Kind of the manure Compost
The metropolis and districts which gave a report Fukuoka
The name of production, the sale indication person and address Masami Obo
Okawa-shi, Fukuoka 2072-4, Mukaijima
Net weight 1 kg (1 liter)
Raw materials Discoloration laver, sugared water
Remarks It is order with much weight used in production. It is the thing using the highly-concentrated microbial to promote maturing.

Content of the main ingredient

Content of 1 main ingredient

Item mg/kg
Nitrogen gross quantity 0.08
Phosphorus acid gross quantity 0.02 100
Potassium 0.13 1300
Iron 17
Calcium 450
Sodium 950
Magnesium 260
Chloride ion 1300
The carbon nitrogen ratio 13:4
Water content 98:2
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Nakamura Tsukiita Inc.
677, Kanegae, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
TEL. +81-944-87-7060
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