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 Dramatic! Bifour after, Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood
I process NC after the wood dyeing 
 Is it a black persimmon? Is it ebony? Is it a zebrawood? . . The answer is a cedar!
 Epoch-making! The panel that dyestuff spread among the wood inside
 Let's enjoy a color in the Wood veneer which we dyed!
 Interior, de-. Austere refinement, rust declaration!
Northern Kyushu only MLIT authorization, a Fire retardant treated wood maker!
 The NAKAMURA TSUKIITA INC. is a well-established maker of the Wood veneer smoothly planed board!
A Japanese cedar, hinoki to the world! I do the export!
The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
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Dyed fancy plywood

Form "Dyed fancy plywood" of the new decorative plywood

Dyed fancy plywood -IRODORI PLY-

Though, in Japan, the forest cover of the country is 67% of the second place of the world, for example, ebony, teak, a choice wood having unique colors such as some African wood and cheap imported lumber, also, under the influence of the longtime price erosion of the domestic lumber raw wood of the domestic lumber effectively utilizing it did not advance too much. On the other hand, in late years I receive surges of the interest in global natural environments protection, and the acquisition of the precious wood becomes difficult for the log export regulation of each country preventing excessive felling year by year. Therefore, in the Wood veneer makeup plywood industry, management itself becomes very difficult without stocking the projecting board of the tree class to hope for of client.
Therefore we pay our attention to a cedar or a hinoki of the domestic lumber which has not been effectively utilized to the maximum until now to break it and I dye them and give you added value and research and develop it every day to utilize it as a replacement of the choice wood which it is hard to obtain.
I was able to make the makeup plywood which was very full of variety including checks and the stripe by using Dyed veneer as dressed lumber with the Dyed fancy plywood. In addition, the power that is spiritual to be feng shui dwells in a color. This was not able to perform realization (expression) in the conventional Wood veneer makeup plywood.
By dyeing wood veneer, depending on the combination of colors and arrangements, it becomes a highly dignified fancy plywood that is highly designable. This is made possible from the many different patterns and unique designs we have available.  This could not be expressed by conventional fancy plywood. This product will revolutionize your interior.
Dyed Hinoki checker yellow
Dyed Hinoki checker green
Dyed Hinoki yellow
Dyed Hinoki black


  • For quality improvement, I may change dye without a notice. Therefore please note that a hue may be different from the above sample color.
  • Cortexes are different, and, as for the Wood veneer, some differences are seen in dyeing with a log with the same tree class for a tree. Please just think about the above sample color in reference degree.
  • I would like ordering basically with margin on a deadline as it becomes the build-to-order manufacturing.
  • As a cedar, a hinoki, tamo, white oak, a walnut are available, please refer even for the thing which you do not publish in the above sample collar.

Base material

Lauan plywood
①Lauan plywood (lauan plywood)
Generally, I say the plywood. I grow it mainly in Southeast Asia. I am easy to strongly customize it in machine strength.
[2.5-30 millimeters of thickness]
②M D F (MDF)
I say a medium density fiberboard or the middle quality fiberboard. I add a synthetic resin becoming the adhesive to the thing which I steam wood chips and defibrated and molded heat pressure into a board form, and have superior workability.
[2.5 millimeters of thickness 3 millimeters 4 millimeters 5.5 millimeters 9 millimeters 12 millimeters 15 millimeters 18 millimeters 21 millimeters 24 millimeters 30 millimeters]
Orchid bar core
③Orchid bar core (lumber core/block board)
Special plywood of 3 laminar structure that put plywood on the both sides as a heart with the board which I blocked narrow wood and collected.
[12 millimeters of thickness 15 millimeters 18 millimeters 21 millimeters 24 millimeters 30 millimeters]
China plywood
④China plywood (basswood plywood)
The plywood that end grain is more beautiful than lauan plywood as materials are whitish. As for the general China plywood, lauan wood is used for a middle core.
[2.5 millimeters - 30 millimeters of thickness]
Japanese paper
⑤Japanese paper / nonwoven fabric (Japanese paper / non-woven fabric)
It is called elegant processing by a technical term. I give the strength of the projecting board and am torn by sticking a projecting board on the thin base material such as Japanese paper and the nonwoven fabric and interfere with being split in base material. It is most suitable for curved surface processing.
[around 0.2 millimeters of thickness] In detail→
As the base material except the above can prepare, please feel free to contact us.


Standard size
Width Width
Length Length
1 nihachi (2 shaku X 8 shakus) 610 millimeters 2,430 millimeters
2 Assistant Roch (3 shaku X 6 shakus) 920 millimeters 1,830 millimeters
3 Sun Nana (3 shaku X 7 shakus) 920 millimeters 2,130 millimeters
4 sampachi (3 shaku X 8 shakus) 920 millimeters 2,430 millimeters
5 yompachi (4 shaku X 8 shakus) 1,220 millimeters 2,430 millimeters

Grain of wood of the Wood veneer

The cross grain
It features a bamboo shoot, the grain of wood of the chevron. I get a wide projecting board.
Straight-grained board
Grain of wood to flow straight neatly. As a removed part is limited than the cross grain, the wide projecting boards are not produced too much.
It features the irregular design such as the lump. Because it is rare, acquisition is difficult.

The finish painting

The finish painting Remarks
1 Plain fabric As it is no painting, I can enjoy tree original warmth, feel, but a wound is easy to enter.
2 Urethane coating Luster appears, but tree original feel of a material is shut in. A dirt and the stain become hard to attach.
3 The coloration painting Please refer for the correspondence color.
No painting
No painting
I can enjoy tree original warmth, feel.
Urethane coating
Luster, luster appears. In addition, a dirt and a stain become hard to attach.


It is YouTube video of the Dyed fancy plywood production. I can see a video when I click a screen.

Dyed fancy plywood judging from a video

An inquiry, the visiting and seeing you calculating, order from this

※Please note that the sample becomes charged.


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