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 Cherry Veneered Plywood
 Dyeing single plate laminated wood
 Dyeing sliced veneer
 Walnut Veneered Plywood
   Vacuum Pressure Impregnation for
              Dyed, Fire-retardant and Preservative treated wood
 Dyeing sliced veneer makeup plywood
 Fancy Plywood/MDF
 Wood Veneer

Dyed Timber

Dyeing wood Aya
Dyeing wood Aya
This product is dyed with a color which penetrates throughout the wood. The light and shade is then adjusted by planing the surface several times until the best results.
The wood is dyed in a pressurized vaccum which allows the wood to be completely saturdated with color. In addition to this, a fire retardant chemical is added and incidently plays a role in  preventing the eluviation of the dye.
Cedar and Hinoki are the 2 types of lumber used for this product. Hinoki in particular is best used unvarnished and is very easy to dye compared with other types of trees. Enjoy the natural beautiy and the sweet smell of Hinoki wood.
Cedar and Hinoki in Japan have been classed as contruction material throughout most of Japanese hsitory. For example, places that had hot baths or "Onsens" often used Hinoki.
Cypress bath measure Horyu-ji Temple
※Aya is a product of "manufacturing method of the flaming retardant wood board" of the N design engineering acquisition patent 4221608th.
Use as the building material at the point (a floor or wall) that is not subject to interior restrictions of the Building Standard Act as ⽤ road have shi ⽤ in use as the furniture material such as top plates of the iron furniture, other equipment and interior whole again, and give the room color.
Aya flooring image image
Use example as the flooring
Dyeing wood
Use example as the iron furniture

Aya-irodori-no characteristic

  • The light and shade of the color appear when I sharpen the surface with a plane (when I do purena processing) and feature the color taste that I was not able to express by the conventional surface coloration.
  • It is totally a feeling of vintage such as damage jeans by mat urethane coating finish (there is no purena processing)!
  • A color is stained with the wood inside.
  • It is the product which gave added value to a cedar, a hinoki of the domestic lumber.
The image which cut Aya
It is the image which cut this product from the middle. ※I can enlarge an image when I click it.
As it is different from the existing surface coloration, I think that I can confirm what a color spreads among inside.
(but I stop by to materials, but a color does not spread among the all the wood inside equality.)
Mat urethane coating
The left is no painting and is the urethane coating finish that the right mats. (as for the color, green)
A feeling of vintage such as damage jeans
The left is no painting and is the urethane coating finish that the right mats. (as for the color, green)
A feeling of vintage such as damage jeans is totally given by painting it.


Crampons red
②Crampons red
Crampons black
④Crampons black
Crampons yellow
⑤Crampons yellow
Crampons blue
⑥Crampons blue
Sprague Lean
⑧Sprague Lean

[about a color]

  • The above sample image makes color revision to be able to get closer to a real color.
  • It may be different from a real color by the lighting of a monitor and color setting, the room of the PC which a visitor uses.
  • For a nature material, the some differences and light and shade are seen in a hue by the same color.


Urethane coating finish
Urethane coating finish
I give luster and surface strength. ※I recommend urethane coating processing to hold down eluviation of the dye.
purena finish
purena finish
The light and shade of the color appear along grain of wood by sharpening the surface lightly and give you color taste and a feeling of vintage that I was not able to express by the conventional surface coloration.

Aya-irodori-process of manufacture

Aya-irodori-process of manufacture
※I would like an order that I have room as I need it for approximately 60 days on delivery date.


  • This product impregnates a fire retardant with dye as an assistant preventing eluviation of the dye. Therefore the surface may do white bloom, but there is not a problem with performance and quality. Please wipe it off with cloth on this occasion.
  • When you use this product as fixings, please use it at the place that is not subject to interior restrictions by the Building Standard Act.
  • For a nature material, a hue, grain of wood, the feel are different one by one.
  • I note drying enough, but a curve, torsion, breaking may occur.
  • On storage, you avoid high temperature and humidity, and please keep it in the air permeable good shaded place. In addition, use hopes that I do not untie a package until just before that as much as possible.
  • There may be a crosspiece trace and batsusetsu, a lack clause.
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