want to color wood more.
Dyeing flooring, panel
It is the construction materials series that finished Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood with a Mulder processing machine.
The unique design utilized the characteristic of the dyeing Sugiki materials whom dyestuff does not adhere to to eyes in winter of the wood is the greatest characteristic of this series with uneven coloring occurring for dyeing penetration by all means. In addition, I can direct interior space of the only one because the way of coming out of colors is different one by one. In addition, an original feeling amplifies it when I do 3D surface processing in an NC router.
3D dyeing panel 
It is fixings full of the originality that surface finished the above, a dyeing panel in an NC router more. Because it is not the coloration after surface finishing it, unique uneven coloring appears.
Dyed veneer Dyed Veneer
Firstly the innovative Dyed veneer which prepares it by dyeing, the unprecedented method that I sliced afterwards by processing to pressurize a plate, and to immerse. I can obtain a similar pattern like kintaro candy in succession.
(*kyodeganchu*gan 2020-146606)
Dyed veneer smoothly planed board Dyed Fancy Plywood
It is the fixings which base material (MDF, plywood, Japanese paper) have the adhesion gloss as dressed lumber, and did the Dyed veneer which I got by a manufacturing method of the patent pending.
Wood veneer smoothly planed board Fancy Plywood
A Wood veneer smoothly planed board is the smoothly planed board which stuck a sheet (= Wood veneer) which sharpened the beautiful wood of grain of wood and the cortex thinly on plywood and base material such as MDF.
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism minister authorization flaming retardant, associate flaming retardant, incombustible wood FRT WOOD
"FRT WOOD" where vacuum pressurization immersed a drug in the wood inside.
I almost change with general pure materials visually, and there are none.
Let alone the interior of the general house, it is various places such as a store, a high-rise building, a public building
I come by use safely. Correspondence wood species: Cedar, hinoki 
Our mission
The technology that I cultivated for many years
As a specialist in tree including the Wood veneer, it produces trust and trust with a sense of responsibility carefully. I offer a high quality product by having an experienced craftsman entrust you.
The most suitable suggestion
I suggest the product that functionality was compatible with the request of the customer. I think about interior space carefully and make in particular elaborate arrangements while considering the environment changing with time.
Relationship of mutual trust with the customer
I contact each customer with true heart at the time of founding more and value that I build the close relationship of mutual trust. I became able to have furniture, the request from the interior-related company a lot.
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It is eco-friendly with a person
Aiming at the development of the community and the harmony of the global environment, I wrestle with a person for environmental maintenance and creation easy for Daichi.
I try for reduction of the load to environment and work on resource saving and efficiency.
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