From surroundings life,
I want to color it. 
Dyed veneer
Firstly innovative Dyed veneer to produce by dyeing, the unprecedented method that I sliced afterwards by processing to pressurize a plate called Frietchie, and to immerse. I can obtain a similar pattern like kintaro candy in succession (patent No. 7393794)
Dyed fancy plywood
A patent is the fixings which base material (MDF, plywood, Japanese paper) have the adhesion gloss as surfacing, and did the Dyed veneer which I produced by the original dyeing method that I acquired
Dyeing flooring, panel
Feng shui interior
As dyeing penetration is uneven when I finish Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood with a Mulder processing machine, and the Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood has the characteristic that dyestuff does not adhere to a pipe, I can produce flooring, a panel having a unique design.
Dyeing flooring, panel WAVE processing (NC)
To for higher-grade design characteristics
Dyeing Birch veneer laminated wood
It is the original quotient materials who laminated and bonded the 1.5mm thickness veneer that I dyed. Seeing from the side, a pure layer such as the millefeuille is totally the biggest characteristic. 
kokudokotsushodaishimmitometeifunen, junfunen, incombustible wood FRT WOOD
"FRT WOOD" where vacuum pressurization immersed a drug in the wood inside.
I almost change with general pure materials visually, and there are none.
Let alone the interior of the general house, it is various places such as a store, a high-rise building, a public building
I come by use safely. Correspondence wood species: Cedar, hinoki 
Wood veneer smoothly planed board Fancy Plywood
A Wood veneer smoothly planed board is the smoothly planed board which stuck a sheet (= Wood veneer) which sharpened the beautiful wood of grain of wood and the cortex thinly on plywood and base material such as MDF.
Our mission
The technology that I cultivated for many years
As a specialist in tree including the Wood veneer, it produces trust and trust with a sense of responsibility carefully. By having an experienced craftsman entrust you, offer a high quality product.
The most suitable suggestion
I suggest the product that functionality was compatible with the request of the customer. I think about interior space carefully and make in particular elaborate arrangements while considering the environment changing with time.
Relationship of mutual trust with the customer
I contact each customer with true heart at the time of founding more and value that I build the close relationship of mutual trust. I became able to have furniture, the request from the interior-related company a lot.
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I applied for a patent. (a title of invention: a dyeing method, a manufacturing method and Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood)注目