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The charm of the tree, the power of the tree more.
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 Dyed wood
Dyed veneer laminated wood 
 Dyed wood
 Dyed veneer laminated wood
 Dyed veneer
 Flaming retardant wood
 Dyed fancy plywood
 Fancy Plywood/MDF
 Veneer smoothly planed board


About a sliced veneer smoothly planed board

Is the order of various size and thickness possible?
The approach for the consideration that is good for environment?
Are the coloration and the painting possible, too?
Do you come in shinkuu* riya sheet * Rina?
Is the existence hole processing possible, too?
Can you do it as well as a paulownia orchid bar core?

About dyeing wood "Aya"

Can you use it as flaming retardant materials?
I began SNS!
If you like
where I would like follow
Nakamura Tsukiita Inc.
677, Kanegae, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
TEL. +81-944-87-7060
FAX. +81-944-87-8360
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