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 Dramatic! Bifour after, Dyed wood / Dye penetrated wood
I process NC after the wood dyeing 
 Is it a black persimmon? Is it ebony? Is it a zebrawood? . . The answer is a cedar!
 Epoch-making! The panel that dyestuff spread among the wood inside
 Let's enjoy a color in the Wood veneer which we dyed!
 Interior, de-. Austere refinement, rust declaration!
Northern Kyushu only MLIT authorization, a Fire retardant treated wood maker!
 Fancy Plywood/MDF
 The NAKAMURA TSUKIITA INC. is a well-established maker of the Wood veneer smoothly planed board!
A Japanese cedar, hinoki to the world! I do the export!

Examples of Product Usage

[caption 3]
[caption 5]
[caption 6]
[caption 7]
[caption 8]
[caption 9]
A propeller for the wind-generated electricity. I added strength, the durability, water resistance by WPC plus.
Use business example
When I am used to raise acoustic absorption characteristics including sound facilities, it is said that it is desirable that there is an opening rate of the existence hole board more than 20%. In addition, the board does not have the acoustic absorption characteristics. The system is such that I let you absorb a sound to back sound absorption material by a through-bore. Therefore, performance is remarkably different by sound absorption material, capacity of the intramural part as well as an opening rate. I would like construction by the effective usage by specialized supplier.
  • If lot is different, colored patterns are different.
  • As I use a tree, the colored pattern is different from a photograph.
  • You cannot use it for flaming retardant materials.
     ※Please refer to us on a price, delivery date.
I began SNS!
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Nakamura Tsukiita Inc.
677, Kanegae, Okawa-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
TEL. +81-944-87-7060
FAX. +81-944-87-8360
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